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What is this site all about?

Sitting comfortably? Ofcom publishes lists of all the UK CP's (Communication Providers) and the UK Numbering allocations on its website, here. These files are Microsoft Excel files with just over a trillion rows of data that is rather challenging to interpret at first glance. This tool/website is an attempt to fix that. Your data isn't collected, nor stored when you submit a number on this website, genuinely, we have no interest in your telephone numbers, all we do is note a search against a number range, it's also provided entirely free-of-charge to everyone. It has been developed by a Telco engineer, who also receives those pesky nuisance calls all the time, and uses the Ofcom lists regularly, so again, no interest in your numbers.

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What this tool is and isn't

This tool is:

  • Designed to assist in the identification of the Communications Provider holding a number range.
  • Free
  • Non-spammy, we genuinely have no interest in the data you input on this site or via the API, all we do is mark a search against a particular number range.

This tool isn't:

  • A tool to identify the company that called you so that you can start harassing them. A lot of CPs are range holders that provide legitimate services. For example, If you see BT hold a range, they didn't necessarily make that call, they are just a service provider, not a call centre.
  • 100% definitive, while a CP may hold the range of numbers, there is nothing to say that a single number from that range hasn't been ported away from that CP.

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Up to date

The Ofcom numbering list is retrieved at 2AM every morning.

Quick and reliable

No bumph code, nothing like that. We even have an API. Speaking of quick, from conception to completion, this was all developed in 24 hours.


Free, as in, no charge and no ties. We don't use your data, we don't spam.

Made with Love

We made a tool to make our jobs easier, we hope it helps you.

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We have absolutely no affiliation to any telephone company, Ofcom, Microsoft, anyone. We are just developers who wanted a tool to make our lives easier and thought we'd share it with you. PS. This site is provided AS IS, without warranty. No accuracy is guaranteed in the data provided. We do not offer support. Terms & Conditions of use are available here.

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